Rays and Sharks: New Research
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Rays and Sharks: New Research

In biology classes we learn about the food chain and we are usually given a very simple example such as a fox eats rabbits, a rabbit eats vegetables and the sun helps the grass grow. If the sun were to not shine, it would affect the growth of the vegetation and in turn affect the numbers of rabbits and in extreme cases, there would be no more foxes.

In the Mediterranean Sea there is currently an issue of over fishing along with other factors that scientists are now studying to understand the effects to different types of rays and sharks. There are several species that are now on the red list of threatened species which means they are close to being endangered.

This study includes the biology of the species as well as the ecological roles. This will include things like growth rates, maturity and how the plants and other animals are affected.

This is important to study for the long range understanding of fishing and economic practices and the biodiversity of the animal population.

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