Spinal Cord Injuries: Regenerative Medicine Making Strides
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Spinal Cord Injuries: Regenerative Medicine Making Strides

Researchers have discovered that rats and primates recover from spinal cord injuries differently, with monkeys gaining better fine motor control. This research is essential for developing regenerative medicine, and the use of primates helps scientists to tailor therapies to humans. Because our anatomy closely resembles that of primates, our recovery from spinal cord injuries is similar. Using primate models will help researchers improve our current therapies to help repair human spinal cords. As someone who has watched their husband relearn how to walk and run again with a prosthetic leg, I can only imagine the suffering of those soldiers that have experienced spinal cord injuries and are wheelchair-bound. This research is getting us one step closer to allowing injured soldiers to be able to take their own steps.


Learn more about this research here: http://www.alnmag.com/news/2015/08/paralysis-primates-recover-better-rodents?et_cid=4772217&et_rid=660360219&type=headline

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