Heart disease: Cell formation of mice and men
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Heart disease: Cell formation of mice and men

When a person has a heart attack, muscle cells are damaged to the point that heart function is affected even after recovery. And that’s bad news, because heart muscle cells don’t regenerate easily.

In humans, most new heart muscle cells are formed right after birth. While the heart does grow larger, it’s not because new cells are being added; it’s because the existing cells are growing. Researchers studied mouse models of heart disease, and found that just like in humans, new heart muscle cells in mice are also formed right after birth.

So… how is this relevant for humans? Mice are important models in the study of human heart disease, and the hope is that if researchers can figure out why heart muscles stop dividing so early in mice, they can potentially figure out a way to help human hearts regenerate muscle cells after injury. Read more about it here.

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