Obesity Fight – Our Fat is Keeping us Fat!
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Obesity Fight – Our Fat is Keeping us Fat!

Most of us have struggled to lose weight at some point in our lives. Whether it is post pregnancy pounds, post holiday pounds (some may be experiencing tight jeans today!), or even the excess pounds on our pets due to over “loving” them treats and food. It seems easy enough, eat right and exercise, feed the vet approved diet to Fido and the weight just comes off right? Well a new study may dispute that idea and is pointing to our fat that is, well….keeping us fat!

Most fat works in the body as stored energy and is released when needed. A specific fat cell known as adipocytes work similarly as they generate heat to keep us warm but researchers have noted that a protein found in the body called sLR11 prevents this from occurring.

The study, using mice that lacked the protein, showed that these animals were naturally resistant to weight loss! Click below to learn more on this advancement and a cool fun fact about human and mouse metabolism!


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