Comparative Oncology  – Helping ALL Family Members
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Comparative Oncology – Helping ALL Family Members

Did you know there are 20 comparative oncology studies currently going on across the country?

What is comparative oncology you ask?

With half of dogs over the age of 10 dying from cancer, owners are enrolling beloved pets in cancer trials to get better treatments. Most cancer studies rely on mice as subjects, which has given us incredible advancements in treatments for patients, so please thank a furry hero! But when our pets, who live, breathe, eat, and sleep with us get cancer studying this “natural” form of the disease become closer to human studies as dogs also mimic us by getting cancer when older and can also have underlying “human” diseases like diabetes or heart issues.

So comparing our cancers benefits not only our pets but human cancer patients. “Trials in humans and in dogs should inform each other,” says Michael Kastan, MD, PhD, executive director of Duke Cancer Institute and William W. Shingleton, MD, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology.

Click below to read more on how our four legged family members can help the two legged ones.

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