High Fat Diet Disrupting Brain Power
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High Fat Diet Disrupting Brain Power

Research at the Medical College of Georgia looked at the effect of high fat diet on brain function. What they found was that it actually interferes with memory. Mice who ate a diet high in saturated fat expectedly became obese and also had an increase inflammation markers called cytokines in the brain. Microglia that act as protectors of brain cells by ingesting “trash” in the brain, began to produce these cytokines which then interfered with signals between neurons.

After twelve weeks of a high fat diet, the researchers actually saw a loss of synapses, or connections between the neuron, even though they did not see insulin resistance. The good news is that when the mice were put on a low fat diet, within two months the damage was reversed!

Measuring inflammation markers such as cytokines may contribute to the treatment of obesity and other disease processes such as diabetes.

More info at www.alnmag.com/news/2015/11/high-fat-diet-prompts-immune-cells-start-eating-connections-between-neurons

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