Alzheimer’s: Estrogen improving memory in female mice
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Alzheimer’s: Estrogen improving memory in female mice

Post-menopausal women are at an increased risk for memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. But it’s possible that estrogen could help improve short-term learning!

Researchers worked with mice in the laboratory, and found that within 40 minutes of receiving estrogen injections into a specific part of the brain, memory improved. It turns out that estrogen increased the numbers of synapses (connections between nerve cells) in the brain, creating new places for potential memory storage.

This could mean that increasing estrogen levels in menopausal women could positively impact short-term memory. However, this research also highlights the importance of animal models in the laboratory. It’s important to do further research to determine whether or not increasing estrogen levels puts women at a higher risk for some cancers. The information gained in the laboratory will help scientists make informed decisions as to whether or not to proceed with human trials. Read more about it here.

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