Trauma Care: Live Tissue Training Saves Lives
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Trauma Care: Live Tissue Training Saves Lives

Trauma care is one of the most rapidly evolving fields of health care, and this is thanks to battlefield medicine. The biggest reason battlefield medicine has become so successful at saving lives that would have previously been lost, is due to the military’s use of live tissue trauma training (LTTT). LTTT involves the use of live animals (usually goats and pigs) that are deeply anesthetized and then given traumatic injuries. Animals used in this training are given the best possible care; not only are they under anesthesia, they are given analgesics that completely take away their ability to feel pain. Soldiers must work to save the animals, and they gain invaluable experience by training this way. LTTT helps to minimize the chances of a soldier “freezing up” when treating a real-life traumatic injury during combat. In this way, LTTT has helped to save countless lives. LTTT is necessary because it mimics the realism of a combat situation in a way that no other type of training can. War is ugly and graphic, and LTTT helps to prepare medics so that they can give the best possible care to wounded soldiers. Training like this helps to ensure that the U.S. is doing everything possible to make sure that our soldiers make it back home. The use of pigs for LTTT is a minute cost in comparison with the lives of human beings that are saved through its use.

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