Health Care Savings Cut by Pet Ownership
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Health Care Savings Cut by Pet Ownership

Pet owners already know that having our furry friends makes our lives better. Numerous studies also confirm that pet owners have less stress but a newly published report is showing how much our pets can save us on health care costs.

The study focused on doctor office visits and obesity. The higher health care savings was for office visits with pet owners visiting the Doctor on average of 06 times less than non-owners. Considering the average cost of an office visit to be $139 and over 132.8 million pet owners in the US, the savings add up quickly. The other focus of the study noted 20 million owners who walk their dog 5 times a week saved 419 million in obesity related costs.

While other areas, like lower cholesterol, heart disease, and psychological impacts were not studied, those health care savings are likely largely impacted by pet ownership as well. I am definitely looking forward to walking my dog Bo in open space after work today! Clock below to read more.


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