Colon Cancer-Diet Matters
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Colon Cancer-Diet Matters

A recent report from MIT links diet, specifically a high fat, high calorie diet, with cancers.   Many studies in the past few years have linked a high fat, high calorie diet to a myriad of health problems. In this case it is colon cancer and obesity.

High fat foods can cause the normal intestinal cells to grow, but also cause another cell, a “stem-like” cell that behaves like a stem cell, to grow. Researchers believe that the high fat diet actually changes the biology of the cells leading to overgrowth and tumors.

Mice that ate a high fat diet for nearly a year were heavier than their counterparts by 30-50%. They developed more tumors and had more “rogue” intestinal cells. In addition, a chemical signaling channel call PPAR-delta is activated which effects the metabolism of the intestines and genes that are important for stem cells regulation.

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