Curcumin Helping With Fat Loss
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Curcumin Helping With Fat Loss

Oh my gosh, how many things claim to help with fat loss? TV ads barrage us with fat loss options every day! Curcumin has been studied in many different way from heart disease to an anti-inflammatory, and now a group of researchers in Brazil have more to add. Used mainly as an antioxidant, they found that curcumin can help with oxidative stress and intestinal fat deposits related to menopause.

Women who are menopausal and post-menopausal can be at higher risk for heart problems as well as   accumulate intestinal fat. To explore questions on how the body reacts to hormone imbalance caused by menopause and oxidative stress, female rats were given two different doses of curcumin or olive oil. After only 1 month, researchers found improvements in the blood, liver, and lipid levels in the rats who had curcumin. So encouraged with the results, the researchers are now thinking about an alternative for hormone replacement therapy (HRT): curcumin!


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