Amputees: Implanting Prosthetics
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Amputees: Implanting Prosthetics

Two veteran amputees are to begin a new study using the first ever prosthetic implants. The amputee veterans have already had the surgeries that outfitted them with the implants, and the study will take 10 years. The goal is to reduce energy expenditure because amputees must use a lot more energy to perform the same movements as someone that still has their limbs. The implant should help improve function and performance, as well as reduce the energy it costs to move. This is incredible news for not only these two amputees, but for wounded warriors everywhere. This study will help pave the way to better technology for amputees, and it would not be possible without the use of animal research. Scientists must do a massive amount of research perfecting and showing the safety and efficacy of new treatments and therapies before we can begin to target them for humans.

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