Blindness in Canines – New Study Shows Regeneration
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Blindness in Canines – New Study Shows Regeneration

Researchers, using canines, have discovered that retinal photoreceptor cells, previously thought to not be able to regenerate, have a burst of regeneration before they die.

Early retinal degeneration, or ERD, is an inherited canine disease that leaves dogs blind by their first birthday.  Using a special microscope, the researchers witnessed cell division, along with the disease death, still occurring between weeks 7 and 14 but at 14 weeks the odds tipped and retinal cells have mass death leading to blindness. More work needs to be done on the cause of this or whether the regenerating cells are sick and could be spurred on to keep regeneration but the study gives hope that ERD and 2 other canine blindness diseases that exhibit the same cell activity amy some day be treatable. Click below to read more.

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