Pesticide Testing in Honey Bee Deaths
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Pesticide Testing in Honey Bee Deaths

We have all seen the meme of the honey bee stating if they die, they are taking us with them. It is true that one third of food consumed in America comes from plants pollinated by honey bees. With honey bees on a global decline a pesticide ban in Europe is addressing the issue but just one ban won’t fix the issue so scientists have come up with a pesticide testing method for poisoned honey bees.

Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, is the main cause of bee deaths but with an unclear cause (pesticides are definitely a culprit) so there was need for a broad spectrum pesticide test. By altering the QuEChERS test, which is currently used to measure pesticides in food, researchers tested bees from over 70 poisonings and discovered 57 different pesticides. It is rather complex what they are looking for in the samples since many factors can contribute to bee death. Click below to read more and also click the link at the bottom of the article about diesel altering flower smells, another interesting suggestion as to why bee numbers are down.

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