Wound healing and the technicolor zebrafish
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Wound healing and the technicolor zebrafish

A new research model is helping scientists understand how skin tissue regenerates after injury. And believe it or not, this research model is a technicolor zebrafish! The cells on the zebrafish’s surface express different fluorescent proteins, creating over 70 unique colors.

Check out this video– it’s pretty amazing! Tagging individual cells with different colors makes it easier to watch the process of tissue regeneration. After fin amputation, researchers were able to see how skin cells migrate to help tissue regenerate.

Understanding the way these cells work together and the order in which different cells are recruited to participate in the process is important. Researchers hope that this technique could help them understand how cancer, infection, and different treatments could affect tissue healing. It’s amazing that this zebrafish research could help researchers understand more about wound healing in humans! Read more about it here.

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