Canine Research Benefits Humans and Pets
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Canine Research Benefits Humans and Pets

A common misconception in the doggy ownership world is that purebred dogs are less healthy than mutts. Researchers across the country are aiming to change that with a new trend in genetic research projects.

Owners of purebred dogs, in the case of this article golden retrievers, can submit a myriad of samples (stool, clippings, nails, etc) to a data base. Even though these pets are healthy, logging these samples, plus food and water intake and daily habits, can hopefully help some pups and even humans in the future. Humans suffer the same diseases as our pets all while living in virtually the same environments but our pets just live shorter lifetimes so diseases like cancer can be studied and applied quicker to not only our pets but our families too.

So why does the purebred get the bad rap? Well, purebreds are largely more documented than mutts so mare data exists. Studying a smaller gene pool also allows for more precise “sniffing out” of genetic variations. Click below to read more!

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