Diabetes: Can parental diet play a role?
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Diabetes: Can parental diet play a role?

Parents often change their habits for the benefit of their children. We quit smoking, stop drinking, maybe choose safer hobbies- but did you know that changing your eating habits may help reduce the risk of your future children developing diabetes?

To determine if the risk for disease can be inherited, researchers worked with three different groups of laboratory mice on different diets- high-fat, low-fat, and ‘normal.’ Not surprisingly, after six weeks, mice that ate a high-fat diet developed glucose intolerance and became obese.

Then, researchers performed in vitro fertilization (IVF) with sperm and egg cells from these different groups of mice. After birth, the pups were fed normal diets for nine weeks. But when researchers switched them all to high-fat diets, the mice whose biological parents were fed high-fat diets gained more weight and had higher glucose intolerance than the mice whose biological parents were fed normal or low-fat diets.

Further research will help scientists understand more, but in the meanwhile, it might be a good idea to take care of yourself- for the sake of future generations.

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