Cancer Study Using Dog Saliva?
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Cancer Study Using Dog Saliva?

As an owner of a mastiff I never dreamed that the copious amounts of drool I endured would ever hold the key to helping cure cancer but a new company plans to compile doggy DNA via dog saliva to help not only to better understand canine disease but human diseases as well.

Recently founded Embark will sell you a DNA testing kit for $199 to swab your dogs mouth and give insight to breed, genetics, diseases they may be prone too, how big a puppy may get, and even how much it will shed. So how does this information help humans? Dogs have already played important roles in better under standing diabetes, hemophilia, and anemia over the years but due to breeding canines have a small genetic pool so variations are more easily studied and tracked. Dogs also get similar cancers that can be profiled in hopes of finding similar tumor pathways in humans.

Click below to learn more on how to have your dog participate and someday maybe save another dog or even human’s life!

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