Grizzlies Making a Come Back With Research Help
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Grizzlies Making a Come Back With Research Help

While the debate and legal issues over de-listing grizzly bears from the endangered species list, for scientists, the show must go on.

As part of the Endangered Species Act, research on the Yellowstone area grizzly population by the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Study Team continues to keep up with the current population of about 700 bears in a 22,500 square mile area (that is only about 32 square miles per bear!). To collect samples the teams, bait, trap, sedate, collar and collect scientific samples for study.

Gathering of this essential data on protected grizzlies is part of a long-term research effort to support the recovery of the Yellowstone/Teton area’s grizzly bear population under the Endangered Species Act. Click below to read more on this effort and the heated debate about grizzlies, their numbers, protection, and hunting.

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