Canine Parvo Virus – Jumping Species
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Canine Parvo Virus – Jumping Species

Anyone in the veterinary industry can tell you that Canine Parvo Virus (CPV) can be deadly to our pups. Since it’s rise in the 1970’s we have kept it relatively at bay with vaccines but its jump to wild carnivores, like raccoons, had remained a bit of a mystery until a recent study.  A mutation in the protein shell of CPV is the key player in the virus being able to jump species. The binding process, TfR binding, has also been shown to play a role. The initial attachment is rather weak but a second binding lets the virus grab hold and not let go. These findings not only help us better understand CPV but can also help us better understand other viruses like influenza.

Click below to learn more on this fascinating study, the team, and even the remarkable imaging!

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