Alzheimer’s treatment: Move south for the winter?
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Alzheimer’s treatment: Move south for the winter?

Alzheimer’s disease occurs more often in older individuals than in young men and women. As it turns out, as we age, our metabolism and body temperatures also drop. Researchers wanted to find out if body temperature could contribute to the development of the disease, and they turned to mice for answers.

Researchers worked¬†with mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease. By working in a laboratory setting, they were able to carefully control variables to determine the specific causes of disease progression. They¬†found that symptoms of Alzheimer’s were exaggerated when these mice were exposed to lower temperatures. Interestingly, they also found that when they increased temperature, some of the symptoms lessened in severity.

So, what does this mean for us? Well, it’s possible that temperature regulation could also have an effect on human patients with Alzheimer’s. This treatment would be relatively easy to try, too. Maybe retiring to the south isn’t such a bad idea!

Read more about it here.

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