Allergies: Immune Study Provides New Target for Treatment of Immune Responses
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Allergies: Immune Study Provides New Target for Treatment of Immune Responses

Senior author Carla Rothin and researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine have recently identified an essential receptor protein involved in allergic reactions, asthma, and parasite defense. TYRO3 is tyrosine kinase protein responsible for regulating the immune responses that lead to common manifestations of allergies and asthma, like inflammation, itchiness, and bronchoconstriction.

The team used knock-out mice and human genes to isolate the protein, and determine its mechanism of action involved in Type I immunological responses. The study showed that patients diagnosed with asthma had different variations of the inhibitor TYRO3 gene, but the researchers believe that the connection is probably multi-factorial.

While the significance of the variation is still not yet completely known, other studies have showed that mutations in Type I immune responses have been linked with increased allergy and asthma cases. Through the identification of TYRO3, new possible targets for allergy and asthma treatments are becoming possible, as well as insight into mechanisms of parasite defense. Rothin notes that through TYRO3 interactions, the protein can either be activated to reduce allergic and asthmatic symptoms, or inhibited to increase the magnitude of immune responses against certain parasites.

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