Canine Companions for PTSD Sufferers
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Canine Companions for PTSD Sufferers

Any pet owner will tell you that owning a pet reduces stress but what if your stress goes beyond a spreadsheet deadline or how your presentation may go on Monday? PTSD is rampant among those who have served and  sufferers are prescribed a myriad of drugs for depression, sleep aids, and anxiety disorders daily in this country, but what if there is a better way to help our veterans?

One marine, Cole Lyle, believes that service dogs are the key to helping PTSD sufferers and is fighting for Veterans Affairs to provide more services dogs as a treatment option. His own dog Kaya, who’s tremendous cost for training came from his own pocket, has reinvigorated him and given him purpose. PTSD service dogs know to wake their owners during night terrors and soothe them, they calm them during suicidal episodes and reduce the need for many of the medications that are prescribed in excess to our veterans.

Please click below to read more on the fight to help our veterans and the bill to get them service dogs like Kaya.

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