Osteoporosis Help From Tequila?
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Osteoporosis Help From Tequila?

Tequila staves off osteoporosis? Well, not quite but a new study in mice is showing that eating blue agave, a major ingredient in Mexican tequila, can stave off osteoporosis.

Mice with induced osteoporosis, via hysterectomies, were fed blue agave. Eight weeks later bone samples were taken and of the agave fed mice 50%  more bone growth was noted. While tequila can be a source of agave, the mice did not have tequila shooters but instead fed fructans which give the body a second chance to utilize minerals once they reach the large intestine. With out the fructans, these minerals would be expelled as waste.

Please don’t binge drink margaritas just yet but the study shows promise for many older women and even our pets who can suffer form the same condition, click below to learn more.


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