Probiotics to improve bone density?
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Probiotics to improve bone density?

After women go through menopause, hormonal changes can result in loss of bone density. But new research suggests that probiotic supplements might be able to protect against post-menopausal osteoporosis.

Researchers worked with female mice that had their ovaries removed to induce menopausal-like hormonal changes. Scientists knew that estrogen loss led to an increase in gut permeability (meaning it’s easier for bacteria in the gut to affect immune cells in the intestines), and since it’s also known that the immune system plays some kind of role in this type of bone loss, they tried treating the mice with several different types of bacteria.

And it worked! Probiotics can help reduce gut permeability, and by treating mice with the right kind of bacteria, they were able to prevent bone loss. Hopefully, this research will lead to human trials to determine if a treatment as simple as probiotics could help protect post-menopausal women. Read more about it here.

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